Sustainable Nanochemistry

Polymer Theranostics & Bioenergy

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Prof. Dr. Vasco D.B. Bonifácio, BEng Phd
Principal Researcher

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Dr. Nuno Martinho MSc PhD
Junior Researcher

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Ana Hipólito, MSc
PhD student
Tackling cancer chemoresistance by metabolic remodeling

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Cindy Mendes, MSc
PhD student
MCT1 a peon in metabolic adaptation and a crucial target in lung cancer

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Ana Furtado, MSc
PhD student
Sustainable materials for catalysis and biopurification

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Adriana Cruz, MSc
PhD student
Dendrimer nanotherapeutics: A novel anticancer task force

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Ricardo Silva, MSc
PhD student
Engineered exosomes for amyloid-beta scavenging

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Inês Dias
MSc student

Magnetic dendrimers for bone metastases theranostics and bone regeneration

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Tânia Albuquerque
MSc student

Green synthesis and in vitro performance of novel urease inhibitors

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Maria Sardinheiro
MSc student
Therapeutic deep eutectic solvents

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Afonso Coalho
Undergraduate student
Mechanosynthesis of imidazoles

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Ruben Almeida
Undergraduate student
Organic photocatalysis