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Prof. Dr. Vasco D.B. Bonifácio
Professor of Biomaterials
iBB - Institute for Bioengineering and Biosciences
i4HB - Institute for Health and Bioeconomy
Instituto Superior Técnico
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Education and Experience

2023-2026 President of the Lisbon Delegation of the Portuguese Chemical Society (PT)
2023-present Scientific Coordinator of the Master in Pharmaceutical Engineering, IST-UL (PT)
Visiting Professor at Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research (DE)
2023 Visiting Professor at Faculdad de Medicina, Universidad Castilla-La Mancha (SP)
2016-2021 Invited Professor of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering Department, IST-UL (PT)
Visiting Researcher in the Sandre Lab at LCPO, Bordeaux University (FR)
Researcher in the Berberan-Santos Lab at CQFM, IST-UL (PT)
2014 Principal Researcher in the Morgado Lab at Instituto de Telecomunicações, IST-UL (PT)
Visiting Researcher in the Hammond Lab at KI, MIT (USA)
Invited Professor of Chemistry, Chemistry Department, FCT-UNL (PT)
Invited Professor of Bioprocess Engineering, MIT Portugal Bioengineering PhD Program (PT)
2008-2012 Researcher of the MIT Portugal Program (Bioengineering Systems) in the Aguiar-Ricardo Lab FCT-UNL (PT)
2007-2008 Post-doc in the Scherf Lab at Institut fur Polymertechnologie (DE)
PhD in Organic Chemistry in the Lobo-Prabhakar Lab at FCT-UNL (PT)
1997 Licentiate in Applied Chemistry (Organic Chemistry major) at FCT-UNL (PT)
1995 Bachelor in Chemical Engineering at ISEL-IPL (PT)

Awards and Honors

2024 Enabling Progress with Ball Mills Award (RETSCH GmbH)
2024 Outstanding Teaching Award - Biomolecular Engineering & Biomaterials Technology 2022-2023 (IST-UL)
2023 Outstanding Teaching Award - Biomolecular Engineering 2021-2022 (IST-UL)
2022 Outstanding Teaching Award - Organic Chemistry 2020-2021 (IST-UL)
2021 Outstanding Teaching Award - Organic Chemistry 2019-2020 (IST-UL)
Outstanding Teaching Award - Physical Chemistry 2018-2019 (IST-UL)
2019 Multiple Myeloma Grant Award (APCL/SPH/Amgen)
2018 Outstanding Teaching Award - Physical Chemistry 2016-2017 (IST-UL)
2017 Advanced Materials Scientist Medal (IAAM, Singapore)


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